Here you will find everything that doesn’t come under clothing or accessories such as home furnishings, styling and sustainable menstrual products.


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CLAIRE REES – UPSTYLE CLUB: I am a sustainability-focused personal fashion stylist who helps people to love the clothes they already have. I’m a former fashion journalist who got fed up of fast fashion and started finding better ways to make an impact through clothes. I offer wardrobe sessions at home, where I show clients how to wear ‘new’ outfits out of old stuff. I also run a ‘slow styling’ service – I’ll source an outfit for your big event – leave me to do the work of scouring vintage, independent labels and charity shops for something really special. Book well in advance. Slow shopping takes a little more time – that’s the beauty of it. We don’t need everything now! http://www.clairereesmedia.com INSTA @UpstyleClub TW @ClaireReesMedia
JINXED STITCHES: Beccy runs Jinxed Stitches from her home in Flintshire, North Wales where she combines her passion for sewing, fabrics and design with finding reusable, zero waste alternatives to everyday household products. She designs and make a varied range of items herself from beauty wipes, make up bags and baby changing accessories, to ladies cotton sanitary pads and even hair rollers. Beccy is dedicated to reducing waste, plastics and disposable items, sourcing eco-friendly, quirky fabrics creating more sustainable products that are kinder to our planet. She also takes on custom work. http://www.jinxedstitches.etsy.com INSTA @Jinxed_Stitches FB @XJinxedStitchesX
MATICO STUDIO: Matico Studio is a Welsh business which uses beautiful fabrics, collected from countries whose textile industries are in dramatic decline, to create bold, colourful, unique interiors and striking, sustainable, statement jewellery from the fabric offcuts. Matico’s aim is to support jobs and traditions in these countries, whilst also helping to fund the development of Mati Montessori School in Ghana, which was set up last year, and many other future projects. Mae Matico Studio yn fusnes lleol sy’n defnyddio ffabric hardd, wedi’u casglu o wledydd gyda diwydiant tecstilau mewn perygl, i greu addurniadau cartref a gemwaith trawiadol gyda’r ffabric sydd drosodd. Nod Matico yw cefnogi swyddi a thraddodiadau yn y gwledydd hyn, tra’n helpu ariannu datblygiad Ysgol Mati Montessori yn Ghana, a sefydlwydd y llynedd. http://www.MaticoStudio.com @MaticoStudio
RATHER LOVELY CLOTH: Cloth pads are all about sustainability, about reusing and washing instead of disposing; but Rather Lovely Cloth pads are one step further than that. Many of the materials I use are up-cycled. I take used, or new but unused materials and give them a whole new life. Not only is this super sustainable but it makes my pads really absorbent and functional. Website Coming Soon! FB @RatherLovelyCloth