Green Carpet Wales

We currently have an INCREDIBLY exciting collaboration with Friends of the Earth Cymru to make all of the red carpets in Wales green (click the pic for the full blog)…

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SustFashWales and Friends of the Earth Cymru would like to take inspiration from around the world such as RedCarpetGreenDress & the GreenCarpetChallenge to challenge the nominees, organisers and guests of any red carpet event here in Wales green! Within a few hours of launching the campaign we had the incredible Michael Sheen on board with the challenge AND also encouraging other BAFTA Cymru nominees to sign up too!

We would love to see all nominees, organisers and guests of any Welsh red carpet event, such as BAFTA Cymru 2019 or next years Welsh Music Prize, wearing gowns, suits, partial outfits or even just accessories that show how they are aiming to address the environmental and social issues of the fashion industry. Whether they wear something vintage, something second hand or wear something made using entirely sustainable materials by one of the incredible sustainable fashion designers from within Wales (check out the SustFashWales database for more info). We want all red carpet events in Wales to honour the environment and make socially responsible fashion choices, while also celebrating the incredible (screen, sound and stitching) talent we have here in Wales!

Here are some tips to achieve just that…


Also check out this page for details of sustainable suits from further afield:

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Are you up for the challenge?

We’d love to hear from you! Tweet us at @SustFashWales & @FOECymruCydd using the hashtags #GreenCarpetWales and #SustFashWales