SustFashWales was created by Helen O’Sullivan (nee Ball) who has a long passion for sustainability and transparency within the tangled web that is the fashion industry supply chain.
The need for a more accessible sustainable fashion industry has never been greater, as one of the most polluting industries in the world and one that affects us all through the clothes we wear. As consumers we often have no idea how much power we have to make a difference in such a huge perplexing global economy. By doing little things like learning where your clothes and accessories come from, who makes them and then using this to make more responsible choices, we have the ability to make great change!
Helen has been campaigning for over 15 years for a sustainable fashion industry and in addition to her own work as a designer she has also supported various causes such as Fashion Revolution, Ethical Fashion Forum etc. However, she recognises the need for a source of information for those in Wales….SustFashWales!
Helen works to voluntarily to create and share informative videos on the YouTubeChannel covering topics such as the issues and solutions of the fashion industry. She writes stories and blogs for Friends of the Earth Cymru and also organises and shares events across Wales. But not only that…we have also created this website to use as a one-stop-shop database of everything that is Fashion & Sustainable here in Wales!
I also work part-time as a secondary school teacher of Fashion and Product Design with a focus on socially and environmentally responsible design. I recently began a part-time (6 years) PhD at The University of Portsmouth investigating sustainable design education at primary school level to encourage more responsible consumption in future generations. I tweet about this here!
I hope this will be inspirational for all designers, makers, consumers of fashion within Wales and further afield!
Helen – Sustainable Fashion Wales